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We offer 6 collections of cues, Schon STL, Schon CX, Schon SP,SchonLTD,Schon Elite and Schon Unique.

Schon STL is a collection of 21 cues which are the classic favorites from all our years of cuemaking, a combination of the R series, the SP series, the SL series and the ST series.

Schon CX is a collection of cues made exclusively for Cuestix International and may only be purchased through a Cuestix dealer.

Schon SP are special cues which are not made on a regular basis. There is no set number and no naming system. The edition could be 1 or 2 cues or 30 cues.

Schon LTD cues are special editions made in small lots of 12 cues or less, one time only.

Schon Elite are cues which are made in an edition of no more than 7 cues, one time only.

Schon Unique are one of a kind cues.

Schon Cues are a standard 58" cue. Weights range from 19 oz. to about 21 oz. and extra lengths may be obtained by use of a longer shaft.. All materials are high quality and of high integrity.  We utilize a Phenolic lined stainless steel joint and stainless steel pin. Butt plates are high impact delrin. The joint is piloted and mates with a phenolic cushioned brass insert on the shaft (see pictures below).

Our shafts are considered to be interchangeable. In most instances, a new shaft will screw on to your cue without problems, however screw threads have idiosyncrasies and we prefer a fairly snug fit. Some tweaking may be required. The shafts are interchangeable BECAUSE we can match it to the cue at the very end of the process. This allows us to create our distinctive hit!! 

Shafts are available in diameter from 11.5mm to 14mm and in length from 18" to 32". We offer our standard Schon ferrules and elephant ivory ferrules. Tips are our own Schon tips. Special tapers are available on request (see the Misc. Items page for more info 0.