About the Company

Before Schön was established in 1981, avid pool player and perfectionist Terry Romine, Sr. was in search of a precision hitting cue with a lot of focus on details. His biggest dream was to create the perfect cue. We keep his dream alive by continuing to handcraft cues that excel in precision, beauty, and accuracy.

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About the Cues

Schön crafts some of the world's most beautiful cues. With a focus on hit and feel first, you can trust that Schön Cues will continue to hand-build the world’s most playable cues and never sell-out to mass production. We offer 6 collections of masterfully handcrafted cues and interchangeable shafts.

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The World's Best Players Choose Schön

Experience the Precision, Excellence, Beauty, & Accuracy of a Schön cue.

Our Passion For Cues Fosters Perfection

We make our custom cues using a variety of hand selected exotic hardwoods with tulip wood, bloodwood, ebony, rosewood, purple heart, and silkwood being just some of our favorites. We have beautiful, finely crafted cues that are popular around the world. Specialty inlays, silver rings, and other exotic materials are well executed in our highly finished cues. We have a minuscule output, sometimes going 2 weeks without actually finishing any cues.  We frequently hear the all knowing term “production cue” applied to our cues with an implied sneer. The fact is that we are one of the oldest custom cue makers in the world with a total staff today of 5 people. I personally design, finish and test every cue myself.  Everyone here is a full-time craftsman. The only thing we do is make cues.

- John Fuhrman

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